Blank Canvas (illegoaliens)

by Fres Thao



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released January 1, 2006



all rights reserved


Fres Thao Minnesota

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Track Name: Illegoaliens - Fres Thao - Lifted Veil

Inner voices, the choice is whether listen or not
On the spot with the shining, climbing over this rock
It’s the alien arrival, time to get back in the shadows
Its time to spread the sickness, take it in stride
With no cure, no medicine, no anti bioTICK
Tock all they want, but they’ll walk the plank
Thank god on the gold cross walk of fame
Take a dive in the cold water, wash the shame
Lifted veil, set sail on a different course
While most of yall had failed, we just hit the shores
Now its time to set up camp and take whats ours
Still that same hollowman, and we ready for war

Pimp struts and liftoff, living on the edge of the land of the lost
Turbo powered plutonium injected flying saucers
War of the worlds, none of them ready for disastrous catastrophes
Im bout to unfold the master plan to seize
Arriving on location, planet three
Bringing hope to the nation
Bringing foes to their knees
Sunny skies, cold wind and plenty trees
Singing hymns of salvation
Up your arsenal, upgrade or retreat

The evolution moves on
No time to wait, blasting brainstorm troopers in the middle of space
Take time to react, tick tock on the clock while the hands spin back
Crash landed on the planet of broken dreams
Got no piece of the pie, so made my own recipe
And from the depths of the fuck yous to the what the fucks
Comes the lost breed crew that you all hate to love
It’s the bakers club
Come get a taste of the fudge
It’s a slug to the face, compared to your papercuts

Now step back, lay low, swinging double ended lightsabres
That’s just the way that it goes
It’s the brave heart attack and conquer
Electric spark shocks and the monster lives
Took the key, unlocked it and let it out of its cage
Its time to build this structure with these writers blocks
Hock a loogey in the pond and skip these rocks
Ill intoxicate the mind of every damn child
Its that weekend warrior, mad max on the rampage
Seeking order, in a hectic masquerade
It’s the iron chef, with adamantium claws
The fire breath, street fighter fireballs
Pop the red pill, took the blue along with it,
Chugged down a 40 malt liquor and broke the matrix
Track Name: Listen Close

Put a bowling ball on your pains
Welcome to my home on the range
Umbrellas just cant stop the rain
Planes, trains and automobiles
Lift the hoody just to reveal
A poker face that’s ready to kill
On top of that a baseball cap and backpack full of rabid bats

Some say that I rap too fast (YES YOU DO)
Some say that I rap like crap

Say what you want (but) you know for a fact
(That) ive got skills (and) you know that
I could be blunt, (and) say it simple
But I like to make them foreheads wrinkle
Scratch your chin
Scratch your temple
Back again with another new jingle
Yes my friend, im ready to tango
Rewind again just to understand those
Words that I put on (this) instrumental
Birds keep flying into the glass window
So im bout to make shit official!
Whatever that meant, I don’t know
When you got a show, I don’t go
These emcees aint got no skills, I don’t either but I know
I can pretend better yo, put together words that flow
Make no sense, but that don’t matter
Grab a ladder and climb the roof

Now let me sing

Every time I write a song
Its too fast, cant sing along
This time I will take it slow
Follow it and learn to flow
No more deep thoughts
No more words, that you just cant understand
Follow me and listen close
Because I know you caaaaan

Now all those who want to try to rap
Grab a pencil, grab a pad
Think one word that’s in your head
Does it make you happy, sad
Mad or glad or even bad
Add that word to fuck or shit
Now I bet your loving it
Throw that on top of a beat
Now you’ve got yourself a rap

(time to make millions?)

now all you need is a name and a crew
maybe, even a dj too!

Scratch - See all that scratching is making me itch

Alligators and crocodiles, take a number, itll be a while

Track Name: Illegoaliens - Fres Thao - Alien Spaceships

Now its back to the basics
Basement full of faces
Hands up in the air like you pointing to alien spaceships
Feces tossing
Yea I see them freakwads talking
Leap frog hopping all over Christopher walken
Now fee fi fo fum, leave it alone son
It’s the revenge of the fist of fury with strategy very unclear to these hearing me tearing these unsanitary emcees to bits and pieces of puzzle of cake
I, take it with ease for goodness sake
See im, ten times better than what you wanted to be
It’s that dragon slayer
Strangling em bandwagon players with them poofy jackets (hey)
Its that fly little maggot bmx biking on chrome pegs
Easter island stone hedgehog sonic boom boxing rings
Now snip those puppet strings
Spraying single cell amoebas with dingle berry deer droplings


Pocket change juggling stone pebble crushing
Cigarette butts, chewing on a handful of onions
Chalkboard fingernails living in the next cell
See that’s the dangers of living between heaven and hell
So I, twist them guts open
Mastering ghost and goblins
Crash and burn, it’s the multiple quarter dropping
(They) call me Frankenstein maximus
None of ya know the half this
Head spinning on cement blocks and mattresses


Poltergeist sinning when I aint acting right
Its smack dab right there in the middle of nowhere
So I guess ill go there until everybody appears
Hear the static white noise
Bending the double joints
Smiles, laughter, sing songs of happiness
Clouded disaster, ding dong, ill answer it!
It’s the underground earthworm, ostriches aint a curse word
Root of it all in the metropolis outskirts
It’s that outterworld drifter, audio visual lifter
Cement block shoes with hard hat and a jackhammer
Crooked jack o lantern, heading nowhere faster than a speeding bullet
Now I, just might be out of it
And may not see too clearly
So pump that fist in the air
The next time that you hear me
Track Name: Illegoaliens - Fres Thao - Cursed Emerging

Now disaster strikes in unfamiliar territory
Its that beer belly story teller, rebel without a cause
Eye level jaws, drop down to the floor
It’s the final frontiers of joy
Walking on concrete fields of glory
Code red in area five one when I escape
Yo, I told them all, that if I ever got free
Imma continue my rapture on a murdering spree
It’s the strategies of anarchy
Its time to panic when Ive had it with these vampires
But its been said too many times
So imma bring it right back to me, myself and I, i
Wipe the sweat off, tilt the cap down
And walk along the sidewalk streets of fire
See potential enemies get the silent treatment
While they wading in the shallow
Im eyeing them in the deep end
Sequence of events missed with the blink of an eye, i
Give the sunny skies a kiss goodbye -- Can you hear?

Hear the moans and groans, hear the sighs of relief
See the signs on the street when im walking home on feet
I, feel the dawn taunting, smell the third degree burns
It’s the reason I don’t get why these vampires lurk
Waiting for the sunset the darkness, the full moon
Fully groomed narcissist waiting on park benches
Ready to consume the next innocent bystander

Highlander, immortal, Abnormal proportions
With intentions of adding another morsel to collections - Action

Let the sky disappear
Breathe in clouds of fear
The vampires roam the streets and homes not near
Pimps, prostitutes, street pharmacist and thugs
Don’t even dare come to these sides tonight
Suddenly six red eyes slowly approach me from the alley
So I, Tilt my cap up, gave a half grin, Ha
With the speed of a phantom
Something they couldn’t fathom
With the blast of a pipe bomb
Moving they eyes around, see these kats was wack
They couldn’t handle one on on
So they tried a triple attack
But that still didn’t work
I spit em another verse
Stabbed the first vampire with a wooden stake to the heart
He turned to dirt and I smirked HA
I turned around and I walked away
The other two weren’t too happy so
I took a deep breath and sprayed some vicious garlic breath words
The second left in a hurry
The third seemed confident
But didn’t worry, spit a rhyme till I ran out of oxygen -- Whooo
Now that was three vampires verses me, myself and i
Multiple victories was mines for the keeping
Half grin to a smile, evil eyes under the cap
Headphones back on, hoody up
Heading home, thinking, now its smooth sailing
And slowly out of the shadows, comes eighteen red eyes
Little did they know that the full moon had arrived
So I glanced at the vampires
Looked down at my palms
Fingers turned to claws
Incisors to fangs
Uh oh
pulled my hoody down, turned around and gave a roar
Track Name: Illegoaliens - Fres Thao - Chai Vang Syndrome

Now footsteps off, the elevator is broken
Smoke in the iris, hard drive full of viruses
Fire in the hole, entire inquire to know
It’s a spiraling effect, hyperdermic needles in necks
In need of a check mark, the beat is dead heart
I feed it to recharge, the vampire lives on
Holding the vision with sweaty palms
Tears and sweat drop off the arms
Lock the front gate
Sound the alarm
Here comes the radioactive waste
Crumble the castles gates, put lassos below the face

Now do not make a sound
Until we say
See the tension builds until you can no longer even hold it …
The smoldering smell of inferno, leaves them hopeless
Devoted with the scope open, yet they can not focus
Hold them torches till the dawn of day, till they grow smokeless

Cause it’s a call of duty, the recipe, the secret potion
I dare you to call onto me
press the correct button sequence

And ill be there in a heartbeat the drums,
Outer world visit
Slaughter house, homes and villages
Spilling blood in man holes, chains hold ankles
Ready to be untangled

It’s the grip of the fist when you know you tied up with strike 2
Surviving on solitude
Provide that little spark to keep it burning inside you
I fight fire with fire
Keep my hands loose
On asphault with blade running shoes, an ambush
the vampire lives on, inside of the beat
provide it with the speech
let the blood freely flow, from the brain down to the feet
either your way or my way, either way it’s a migraine

it’s a migraine
it’s the type of pain that drives the mind insane
it’s the chai vang syndrome
the migraine hits ya
eyes turn red
nothing left to picture
you get better when sicker
load up the chamber
warn em of the danger

lock and load its time to rock and roll
time to rock the show
get them bodies off the floor
Track Name: Illegoaliens - Fres Thao and Lase Thao - Third World Poetry
Third World Poetry

Universe collide, suicide thoughts survive
Revival of the fittest, survival of the shittiest
Giving this species another taste of this feces
Pieces of the puzzle demand the sunshine
But seasons change, and leaves the passion in landmines
Mankind reaches for any signs of peace
Give it what I got, the living truth released
Pitch it in a pot, collect It for the deceased
Now see them overseas, see them going to war
See they’ve got a reason
See them dying for
Their own personal freedom, you got yours
It’s a crying shame, it’s a crying game
It’s a no win situation and everyones a loser
While we wait here patiently, giving bruises and bullets
Im ready to pull at the plug, fix this nation here
Fix this facial expression, got us waiting here for the next killer to penetrate
Innocent til proven guilty, yet we kill these, children of the world, turning to children of war, lifes based on a movie that’s rated r
So we gotta kill these kids, so the ratings start to soar

Make war (cuts)

Throats getting cut, skulls penetrated daily
Almost givin up on this life
Had to choose, had to jump on the right side to make humanity right
I took my family and fled at night, without a light
The best way to keep alive, and aint no curfew, no five oh
Its all about your bloodline, the gat that you carry and survival
We keep on shedding tears for the families that didn’t make it, but now its time to move on,
Cause when its on til the break of dawn, you cant sleep, every second danger creeps around your peeps
Leave the wife and kids at the village while im out early in the morning with my cousins for a week to handle world wide beef
Only 21 yet ill die for what I believe
Knowing that therell be no piece
So fuck the world, cause the world don’t give a fuck
Young kids growing up fast, loaded up strapped, with aks
Widows picking up that automatic, taking their husbands place
Winning these battles means gripping tight of control for the time we exist
Living harsh in this third world paradise
Just to be precise, ive seen the truth, extermination of the youth
Bodies mutilated bad enough to make a grown man puke
Its just a pity, im forced to do the same thing too
Young babies getting fed morphine at the river crossing
Well are you one of them, just wondering, platforms they thundering
Rumbling day to night, drive bys aint nothing to these air strikes, carry on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Track Name: Illegoaliens - Fres Thao - Timeless

See the real facts seem to lay down on faded glory
Now it’s a little story of how we all treated horribly
Wake up in the AM before theres mutiny and mayhem
Excuse me, I may, hem … cough cough …
Catch me some breath and breathe poisonous fluids
Up before I do it, wash the malnutrition and then im out the door
Up before the sunrise, back again the sunset
It’s a never ending mission always half way dead

Pulling out my hair so please spare my life
These eight days a week, Saturday to Friday nights
And they keep sending em bills
Giving a hardtime
So I got a little job down at the assembly line

So mind your own, you and me both got problems
Ive got mine to work, you’ve got yours, so solve em
No need to be bitter, the simple life im living
Giving it all ive got until im down the river

See these Friday night shows, hotter than lava coals
Listen close, youll get another lethal dose

So lets, roll down the window, catch the windy breeze
Its another in the middle, take a deep breath … breathe!
Imma leave like a tree, burning down to the roots (so)
Have a feast with my fruits, that’s all you getting from me

See with no time to write, hardly the time to breathe
Its hard to be that poor broke emcee in the city
With the lack of beats, hard job working for the factory
Tackling me to the floor and strapping me with them chords
just a nasty little way of saying you love me more
Glove beat me in the head, don’t you know im halfway dead
Half crazed head, im cramped in a boxing ring with more than half of my days
Fed, to the ostriches

So take a listen, don’t be shy, im giving a piece of i
Its another little reason, im half way and never die
It’s the ill in me, the sickness I carry and its killing me
Reaching out to the surface
Living without a purpose
The truth hurts in the worst way
And still I breathe
Track Name: Illegoaliens - Fres Thao - Sleep Paralysis

Following these choices, swallow in that poison
Pan handling, loitering, word is bond and his voice is, conjoined here to this crisis
Left here to be lifeless, gun scopes, eye sights, from all these snipers
left here with a broken arm
Tight grip on the right fist
The coops flown the bird and they stabbing them with an ice pick
Got the drive to fly, but they suspended his liscence
Now time waits for no man
And patience is the key
Go ahead chase those dreams, try to make ends meet
So again run in circle, while the cycle seems to repeat
And with the blink of the eye, he falls into a deep sleep

Behold the eye
Stab the beauty till its skin deep
Singing with the innocent
Dancing with the guilty
Mingling with the nice bunch
Flirting with the filthy
Swimming in the bloodstreams
Sunbeams reflect
Remembering nothings what I seem to forget

See theres a thin line and he finds himself in the middle
These rules of thumb wrestling, walking with the crippled
It couldn’t be more simple, more so than ever
See These iron headed wrinkles, pressure on the temples
Anonymous like the next alcoholic in the evening, and i
Think without talking
While you, talk without thinking
Ill meet you at the roadside when you done sleeping

Behold the eye
Stab the beauty till its skin deep
Singing with the innocent
Dancing with the guilty
Mingling with the nice bunch
Flirting with the filthy
Swimming in the bloodstreams
Sunbeams reflect
Remembering nothing is what I seem to forget

See the best things in life is free is what they say
And time is of the money
Or is time of the essence
Well its kind of funny
Cause times is all ive got
Still with an empty stomache and two empty pockets
Still to find the answer
Stillness on this rock
Spill it on the floor and leave it here to rot
Now hear no evil, speak no evil and see
Nothings what I forgot until I fall asleep
Track Name: Illegoaliens - Fres Thao - Wake Up

Moonwalking past the cosmos I came upon
An odd soul, not your typical kind of folk
A heartbroken, unspoken, chain smoking entity
I, seated myself, in front of what seemed to be, an oracle
Sound dripped all over the ground
The landscape, lunar terrace, pounded on my face
I listened and soaked in all that I could take
The handshakes, ripples in the lakes and the heartbreak

Stick it inside the eye of the needle and the self hate
Wrinkles in time get damaged in this footrace
Packed the briefcase and slipped out of this consciousness
Obsessed with the facts, that theres no accomplishments

Wake up halfway between beginning and the end
Sleeping half awake between an enemy and friend
Come at me as a saviour
Ill defend myself against that offense behavior
Authentic failure, star gazer
Pursuing the search of a heartbreaker
Earthquake vanishing under the snowflake canvas
With too thin of a jacket
Left the other coat inside a dusty wooden casket
Backtrackings, not, an option, so move forward
Shivering steam clouds, but onwards I ventured

Wake up
Theres more to see when youre moving
Wake up
Theres more to breathe in the cool wind
Wake up
Theres more to gain when pursuing
Wake up
Theres more to be when everyday you find a piece of your conclusion

Still lost on this highway and headed towards this dead end
Crossed fingers and lingering thoughts of where I’m heading
Pedaling, metals been melted
This helter skelter, shelter for the humble, ulcer from the hunger
I see you never been shook by the rumbling of the thunder
Wondering if you ever felt the suffering of fire
Neverending circle of life, burning desires just to keep from frostbite
Tired of these criminals, not enough good guys
Tired of the truth and not enough good lies

So for a sec, take a deep breath to forget all these problems
How come, I’ve gotta take it with this outcome
Follow me for miles on, end it with a pound to the chest

It’s a mess in the works
It’s a worthless search for words that seem so cluttered
Puncture the inner energy until it ruptures
Extra terrestrial and error left uncovered
And as I rest by the entity, it soon became clearer

A one way mirror with a crack divided center of attention deficit disorderly conducting symphonies, bent with the elbow and arrogance the wall, the fall of the springtime, into the future we crawl, space allowed noise we uncovered the vault, incase you might find it affecting the main course, I brought it in laymans terms, so everybody knows the cause

That’s what I traveled to the end of existence for
That’s what I brought back for all of yall
The melodies, the knowledge, the history, art form
The music, the pain, the love, and the folklore

Track Name: Illegoaliens - Fres Thao - Venus

Beat boxing drums on the outer rings of Saturn
Skip to my loop on the beaten path and pattern
Crash and burn, through the ceiling and through the rafters
Took a wrong turn at the east and west exits
But its okay though, cause I could remain stable
Shake off the dust and wiped off my halo
Stepped out the door and I began my fable

See the sun still shines in these neck of the woods
So I ungripped my hold and breathed in all the good
It’s the deserted playground, keeps the face down
It’s the take down some notes, keep a fake smile
At the moment of hope, not knowing the planet crashed on
No sign of life, soulless and yet I passed on


and then one day, I saw into the distant
A creature, breathing, I yelled and it listened
Closer and closer, another human being
So I stepped and approached her, and guess what I had seen

Beauty in the eye and yes, im gonna be hold her
Grammar pretty bad and stutter is what I told her
Time froze with eyes closed and close shoulders
Angles, spins, blurs and breathe slower
Angels and demons, soon be come LOVERS

Break (kind that last forever)

Days pass on a planet not too distant
Space craft mechanic beginning on the fixing
This creatures full of magic
And yes I didn’t panic
Its an infactuation
And yes I had to have it
Habit, addiction,
Pounded my heart down and beat it into submission
Yet the beauty and elegance
This place that I fell on
Doomsday on pelicans, flying over the playground
Keeps the face down
It’s the take down some notes and keep a fake smile
At the moment of hope
Not knowing the planet crashed on
No sign of life, soulless and yet I passed on


Raggedy anne and andy, troubles what you make of it
And as a family of seagulls float in the sunset
Shining on the spacecraft which had been fixed
Twist and turns, no longer is it just a visit
It’s the crash and burn and yet theres something more to it
See the nectar of the goddesses is much more than fluids
The eyes hypnotize and the halo grows even brighter
Reasons of life, thus goodness becomes greater
Prayers answered, visions become clearer
Love her (and) hate her, we were created together
Mirror images at opposite sides of the spectrum
So I let the drums play on the outer rings of Saturn
Cause my heart beats in venus
I plan to stay forever
So I deserted the playground
Keeping the face up
It’s the take down some notes and keep a fake smug
At the moment of hope, now knowing the planet crashed on
2 signs of life, 2 souls, and then we passed on!
Track Name: Illegoaliens - Fres Thao - Dope Simplicity

They call me mr maximus, First initial F
Middle name wolfman, Frankenstein in the flesh
Sign on the dotted line they told me, but I wouldn’t flinch
I read between the lines and told em that and told em this
Don’t wear no gators, pimp hat or a suede suit
Don’t wear no new york yankee hat tilted to the side
Don’t wear no airforce ones, got no blingin ice
Don’t wear a rolley or a fake rolley look a like
Don’t wear a jersey if I don’t even support the team
Don’t wear NO big poofy jacket, got no gold teeth
Don’t wear a diamond, got no chain, got no bracelet
Don’t got no braids, cornrolls, got no doo rags

Now what I got is what I give and what I give is dope

Don’t live that gangsta life
Shooting, banging, stealing, dealing
I live that simple life
Wont probably ever make that million
Don’t got no escalade, twenty something inch blades
But if I did, Id trade it in and get my moms a place
I speak the truth, keep it honest, don’t ignore this
I bet that if I lied more often, id be enormous
Don’t like to go to clubs, overpriced drinks and thugs
The simple life, with a complex explanation
They want the beef, want the cheddar, want the bacon
I call that lunch, call that dinner, call that yummy
The money flash bang, all up in your grill and face
Its kinda funny man, but mines goes to another place
Ive got the bills, got the tickets, got the eviction notice
And if you want, I can flash that, make them focus
Its all the hocus pocus that im finding bogus
They leeching lifesucking locust looking for host
I give em what I got, and what I give is dope

Now what I got is what i give and what I give is dope

Whoever said I couldn’t be dope without the money man
Whoever said I couldt be broke and still be making jams?
Whoever said I need the slang, need the what you call it?
I bring it dope, bring it fresh, bring it like this …

Ill ego sick minded, bothered individual
I spit that slick rhyme, kick you in the groin and nose
I burn cds, cut the vinyl, please get on the floor
Pee with the seat down, eat without a spoon or fork
I like spaghetti, on the radio I get bored
Now everybody get together and start poppin pores
I got the lochness monster right behind them doors
And if I let em out, you wouldn’t like me anymore
And that’s what I told them when I handed back the form
Excuse me for a second, you can have your contract back
And if you care to join me, im bout to go take a crap
Track Name: Illegoaliens - Fres Thao - Wild Weekends

in the afternoon, stay steady and sing a medley
energon mixtures, ceiling fans and fixtures
longer laster than the pictures, earthquakes past richters
scales on the tyrannosaurus wreck your figure of speech
I impeach presidential candidates on the calendar
Hit me with a mallet, till ive had it
Lavender colored skues, incredible overviews
And if I had to give a choose, id lose neither one of those
The piece of all that goes and always tends to come back
Ill match that, flip that over and pass that
Astronomical feats, unstoppable energies
It’s a motto of these, bottle bearing commodities
Plot point degrees, multiple heads combust
Volcanoes erupt, dust covers the mug and we run

Jogging in the streets, wobble in the knees
Distilled alcohol leaking from a brittle jug
Begin it from the middle, got me fiddling on the roof
When its on fire
The entire human race is tired from the aftertaste
The last days of the mad face the Saturday mornings and the mass waste
Ive had more than enough, ashtrays full of butts, cigarettes and half blunts
Sitting half drunk, fully unaware of actions
Lights blurring sunrise, combine these fractions
The dust gradually rises passing over the horizon
The sun soon slowly, slides past the moon
Every rooms a dungeon, ive had enough to consume
Vertical lines im strumming, im doomed for the moment and im tired of running
Its time for me to come in
Set the mood
Its time for start over
Sunday afternoon
Track Name: Illegoaliens - Fres Thao - Call from Home

Left the familiar to trek into the unknown
Heard so many stories, had to leave the throne
Home of the free, equal opportunity
Soar high like the eagle who flew before me
Leave the simple kingdom and start a new beginning
Ready for smiling faces, open arms embraced us
Ready for smiling faces, open arms embrace us
But they got us singing the blues
Red, white carpet celebrity me and you
If had only we knew
No sunrays, blocked off by the building tops
Green grass too few, leave your native tongue tied
Time the learn the new
Yea, ill learn what you gotta say
You aint gotta learn mine
Ill learn your wrongs and rights
Live life in disguise
But every minute im here I hear the angels cry

Come home

Now opportunity knocks
Open up or we busting the door
Stop what we thinking
Levitate on the floor
Innocent no more, everyday lifes a struggle
Gardenings a chore, trade it in for a factory
The good life seemed like it was just yesterday
They all looking at me like im no human being
Im a laugh away from the Pasteur at seeme so green
An ocean away it didn’t seem I had a place
And now in a foreign land I seem to have no say
Stay outta my site
Living it by the knife
The art, the culture, only way to survive
Yo, raggedy clothed andy, standing out by the sideline
Once was a king, no longer even a jester
Uncle sams welcome turned to uncle festers
A gesture of love, a gesture of pity
Doesn’t describe this world, living inside this city
So I sing to my brethren, take it in as a lesson
Youll get pushed, pulled, torn in every direction
Stand strong, hold your head up and aim high
Its love that we carry, the reason we didn’t die
It’s the hidden inner beauty, they’ll never take us alive
So with the angels by our sides, uncover your eyes, and no longer will we cry

Instead lets sing …
Track Name: Illegoaliens - Fres Thao - Portrait of Evolution

Hidden bomb shelters, global warming and hospitals
Nine double one more warning to guide you
Small pox viruses, dicing you with a knife too
Sawed off shotguns, automatics and semis
Full blue suits with a happy face, torn families desperate, living in disgrace
Place to place, hate doesn’t discriminate
Plate full of food, ready to go to waste
Now stay outta school if you aint ready to die
Welfare, yea, well share, fuck it we don’t care
Healthcare, climb up stairs and jump off
Insurance fraud, go pray to your own god
Paint another section with a frayed toothbrush
Tubes full of color, smothered on one pallet
Confused all together, minds, thoughts, scrambled and scattered
Feelings unapproved, images beat and battered
Dark nights, thunder lightning, full moon frightening
Tip toe in silence, swaying from left to right and,
Stiff legs walk with long broad steps, looking forwards towards
Memorable moments hoping emerald cities invitations got your name

Patience, pacing, clock stuck at midnight
Waiting on a rock, a faded moonlight
Stains on the smock, ready to paint the sunrise
But time flies by with broken butterfly wings and these tearless cries
Show a smile on that canvas
Swords drawn with sketched palms and stretched arms
Rock climbing with knots tied to time clocks
Spot lights on hot pipes destroy laughter
Tragedy, fire with intoxications
Man woman child with animal instincts
Rapes burglaries, affordable plastic surgeries
Prostituting teenagers dropping babies at nurseries
Mass hysteria, glass, crash and smash
Alcoholics anonymous, curroupt police departments getting away with violence
Silence, these environmental disasters
World trade centers, secret hidden agendas
Tsunamis, mudslides, fast food, obesity, supersize them fries
Cancer, diseases, envelopes with anthrax, murder suicide
End it with a handclap
Weapons, mass destruction, need another distraction
Corrupt administration with defective polls
Tearing off the head of terrorists that we know
If they didn’t know us then, they’ll definetly know us now
Mad cow, bad economy, time to showcase, homebase
That’s reality, catch it all on the tube
While the rich getting rich, and the poor get confused
Politic tock pictures and its all over the news
See the masquerade parading all over the streets
Pollution airwaves, its all in what we breathe
Reproduce, make way, and get out of my reach
Its time to act afraid, evolutions finally on two feet
Track Name: Illegoaliens - Fres Thao - Melted Symphony

A beacon of light, a glare that radiates the witches’ hours in the night
Caught me in a coma with forty winks, lethargic
Comatose, rigor mortis and almost car sick
Undisturbed, its, so superb
Bubble vision of a sublime sudden burst
Submerse the memoires into the deepest realms of heaven
Human error no matter which way im confessing
Undressing the thoughts and connecting all the dots
Backstage to an incognito plot

When the clutter starts decomposing
Then it’s a chapter, parachute back on the boat
And start to paddle
Tender feet with no soul, I walk on glass
Might as well melt them thoughts and keep a clear path

Giddy adolescence, empty head aggressions
Mr me starts progressing and it’s a lesson we attain,
In the middle of the night it rains
The northern lights illustrate the dark hours that seem to eat up all my armor
Karma on the left telling you that it’s a guessing game
Maybe cause its right to say its better rearranged
Cardiac organ clock, I keep it rocking

When the clutter starts decomposing
Then it’s a chapter, parachute back on the boat
And start to paddle
Tender feet with no soul, I walk on glass
Might as well melt them thoughts and keep a clear path

Options are of no value but I held through, heard the sirens sing when I sailed the ocean blue
Nauseated and then I felt the voodoo
Felt the cut and sting from the pitchfork of Neptune
Determination gets you nowhere and that’s a clue
Ringing in the ear, tender kisses from Calypso
Maybe you could comprehend that it was once wonderful
When the center of the universe revolved around mars
When it wasn’t unusual if you couldn’t reach the stars
Unsuspicious of everything that IT are
This is many seconds
Three winks and then we sparr
Find it in the rust that’s left disgusted
Moments like this are left to be trusted
Right to be unruly, but don’t leave it up to what ifs
When just US is served
Cut the nervousness and find the purpose of it is … that

When the clutter starts decomposing
Then it’s a chapter, parachute back on the boat
And start to paddle
Tender feet with no soul, I walk on glass